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Key Feature Detail Version
Pro Group Enterprise
Unlimited Rateshops No limit to the number of rateshops a user can create from the available properties
Choose your sources The standard 5 sources can be added or modified by contacting Support
Regional Sources Ratemetrics identifies the leading sources based on locality around the world
Global Coverage Any language, any region of the world
30 Days Out Standard coverage is 30 days out, can be extended
Extended Future View Rates are shown out to one year
Daily update Rates are updated daily as standard
Easy-to-use Filter Highly intuitive filter to let you choose different views and subjects
Smart room matching Intelligent like-for-like rate plan and room matching
Interactive graphing Days-out or arrival date graphs, multiple hotels or sources
Forecasting Advanced data-driven forecasting applied to every future stay date in your compset
GM View Simple historical rate report view for change monitoring
Email updates Set-up periodic email updates and alerts
Sharing Share or copy Rateshops with your group users
Unlimited Users Add as many users to your Group as you need
White label interface The Ratemetrics system can be fully integrated within your brand
Unlimited custom accounts Add as many customers or sub-accounts as you need, only pay for what you need

Pro Version

Ratemetrics PRO is a powerful online decision-support tool for single hotels, boutiques, hostels and vacation rentals.

Group Version

Ratemetrics Group is a powerful online decision-support system for hotel chains, management companies and consultants.

Enterprise Partner Version

Ratemetrics ENTERPRISE is a seamlessly integrated rateshopping system that enables software providers, consultants and resellers to provide new value to customers and affiliates.

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